What Renters Look For - 6 Most Wanted Property Features

Posted by Mark Lloyd, Property Master Academy on 13 January 2020 | Comments

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Zoopla has been analysing data from its keyword property search tool to find out what renters look for most in a property.

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While features such as parking are to be expected, the data has revealed some surprises.

  1. Parking – this is the top word entered in the property search tool to find a rental property.
  2. Garage – this is at number two and shows how important car facilities are to renters. A year ago, first and second place were reversed with garage taking the number one spot and parking coming second.
  3. Pets – surprisingly, finding a property that allows pets was up from fifth place to third in importance.
  4. Furnished – removing the stress and expense of buying furniture can be useful, particularly for short-term renters who want to avoid the cost of moving items around.
  5. Garden – an outdoor space is still sought after by many renters.
  6. Student – there’s always a high demand for rental properties by student tenants.

In seventh place was the search term ‘bills included’.

“Parking and garages were a consistent requirement for tenants across the nation. While this may not be the most exciting feature of a home, our research clearly shows that landlords can make their properties much more attractive by creating or enhancing existing parking. Whether they re-landscape their garden to include a driveway or apply to drop the kerb outside their house, these changes could pay dividends,” said Annabel Dixon of Zoopla.

Searched for property types

Another surprising entry into the top ten this year was the word ‘balcony’ as the eighth most sought-after feature.

In ninth place was the term ‘bungalow’, popular because of an ageing population looking to downsize and enjoy the convenience of no stairs. Bungalows are likely to retain their appeal.

‘Detached’ was in tenth place, as renters seek privacy from potentially noisy neighbours.

Interestingly, while parking, garages and pets were the most searched terms by renters, ‘three-bedroom house’ was the most viewed property type by people using property portals across the country. The only exception was in the capital where ‘two-bedroom flats’ were most viewed.
Search term variations by region

While there were variations by region, ‘pets’ was consistent as the third most searched word across the country.

The number one spot was different in Scotland, where ‘furnished’ was the most sought-after feature. ‘Parking’ was the most searched feature of rental properties everywhere except in North East England, where ‘garage’ came in at number one.

In London, tenants expect more luxury features, as a consequence ‘gym’ and ‘en suite’ made an appearance in the list of most searched terms in the capital – but didn’t appear in the top ten in any other region.

Renters looking for a quieter life searched ‘rural’ and ‘cottage’ as sought-after features in South West England and North East England. In North West England, tenants were looking for ‘garden’ and ‘balcony’.

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