How to learn from property investment experts

Posted by Mark Lloyd, Property Master Academy on 21 October 2019 | Comments

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Property investment is one of the most lucrative ways to make the most out of your savings.

However, there are many different types of property investment. Therefore, it’s worth taking advice from seasoned professionals before embarking on your property investment journey.

To begin with, you may ask yourself a lot of questions. For instance, what type of property do I want to purchase? Do I want to make a one-off investment or start to build a portfolio?

Now is the time to seek advice from property investment experts, so you get started on the right footing.

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Build relationships with different types of experts

When it comes to property investment, you’re going to encounter people from all walks of life and deal with professionals in many different fields.

Each of these connections could be important. That’s why it’s vital to treat all your contacts in a professional way. You never know when you might need to call upon their skills or knowledge.

Also, you may want them to introduce you to someone they know. When you grow your network, you should include anyone you interact with, including work colleagues, professional acquaintances, partners, suppliers, and contractors.

Networking is an essential part of building your property investment strategy - because you never know who you could end up forming a lucrative partnership with.

Learn the property investment language

As you get to know more people in the property investment business, you’ll start to pick up the language.

It’s important to try and learn as much as possible. Of course, you don’t have to become an expert in every aspect of property investment. But it will certainly help if you can develop a general understanding of how each area works.

This knowledge will help you to instigate conversations and target your interactions more effectively.

Keep in regular contact with your network

You never know when you’re going to need what someone else has to offer. Often, it won’t be immediately; it could be a few years down the line.

That’s why it pays to keep in regular contact. If you let a relationship go cold, it’s more difficult to pick up again. Make the time to fire off an email or make a phone call. People constantly change jobs and locations, and it helps to keep in regular contact and stay up to date with their professional lives.

And if someone from your network makes contact with you, always try and get back to them. It’s easy to think they aren’t relevant to you right now and forget to respond. A simple acknowledgement of their approach won’t take long.

Communication channels should always be kept open.

Share the knowledge you acquire

As you begin to develop knowledge and contacts, don’t be afraid to share your experiences with others. Your network will be more willing to share with you, if you share with them.

And be open about your mistakes as well as successes. We’ve all made errors and perhaps you can help someone else to avoid the pitfalls.

If you feel you don’t yet have much knowledge to share, you may be able to make introductions. Forging links between parties is a valuable action in itself – and will help you to build trust within your network.

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