What's holding YOU back?

You’ve attended a few seminars, been to some network meetings. Maybe you know all the theory, but for some reason you can’t get going, but don’t worry – you are certainly not the only one!

When the Directors of Property Mastery Academy started investing in property, they met many other investors who were also at the beginning of their journey. Several years later and many of them have not progressed any further – and yet the Directors of Property Mastery Academy have.  So why is that?  To succeed at any endeavour takes (amongst other things) determination and persistence but, those qualities alone will only help the minority of investors to succeed.

What do Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Simon Cowell, have in common? They all have a Mentor.

What is a mentor?

A Mentor is someone who has already trodden the path that you wish to follow. So who better to learn from than Property Investors who have done just that!

At PMA, we believe that mentoring is a process, a process that is designed to push you forwards on your journey; to make you accountable for what you say you will do.

Introducing The Property Mastery Academy Mentorship Programme

The Property Mastery Academy Mentorship Programme is intensive, motivational and hard work! If you want an easy ride, then it is NOT for you!

Whichever format you choose - Group or One 2 One , your mentor(s) will push you to achieve your goals – whatever they may be.

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