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Course Overview - NEXT COURSE 12th April 2019

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Would you like to earn £500—£1000+ NET CASHFLOW per property per month?

The ULTIMATE Rent to Rent business in a box - Leverage the systems of the UKs 2 most successful Rent to Rent operators, generating multi million pound rental incomes.

Two of the biggest names in R2R, R2R portfolio & business owners have joined forces to create the mother of all R2R courses in the UK. Join us and course trainers Justin Whittemore and Mark Beal to learn about one of the most exciting, profitable and talked about property strategies in the current market.

Both holding some of the largest R2R portfolios in the UK turning over Millions of pounds each year in rents. They have a combined R2R experience of over 15 years doing R2R, over 140 R2R properties with Hundreds of tenants/clients. Both run multiple R2R strategies using HMO's, single lets, business to business, commercial, serviced apartments and more.

As it stands there isn't an R2R course in the UK that would come close to this course in knowledge, combined experience, strategies used, systems to build a mega business, back up and support of their teams.

Justin and Mark have been using this strategy longer than any other investors in the market today and have someone of the largest cash-flowing, (if not the largest!) Rent2Rent portfolios in the UK today.

Not only will you get the training, systems, know how of these ultra R2R business owners but you will also get them as JV partners if you make their elite grade.

You will listen to live recordings of their teams making calls.

They also have teams in place that will help you find and source your own deals in your chosen area.

* You will learn their skills in how to find landlords direct.
* You will learn how to deal with lettings agents, no only small independents but also the large corporations with ease. Yes that's right " the large corporations "

Who should attend?

This course is for you if:-

  • If you're struggling to get a mortgage then this strategy may be for you — No Mortgage Needed!
  • If you lack confidence to buy then this strategy may be for you — No Buying Involved!
  • If you have very little cash then this strategy may be for you — Low Entry Costs / Very Little Cash Required!
  • If you want to generate cash flow quickly - then THIS STRATEGY IS FOR YOU!

Course Content - Rent2Rent Mastery 2 day Intensive Masterclass

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Rent to Rent
  • Multiple Rent to Rent strategies
  • Getting started
  • The 3 Ms - Mindset, Money and Motivation
  • Location, location, location
  • Brand U
  • Ltd or sole trader
  • Logo and brand design
  • Preparing your proposition
  • Website
  • Finding the first property
  • Marketing campaign
  • Property Search - A live call from one of our team
  • CRM and data capture
  • Work those leads
  • Agent affiliation
  • Direct to landlords
  • Assessing the deal
  • Its all about the ratios
  • Living space or extra bedroom?
  • Closing the deal
  • Submitting your offer
  • Negotiation
  • Collecting the keys
  • Prepare to let
  • Dress the property - Remember your brand
  • Photographs
  • Agent support or not?
  • Marketing your rooms
  • Tenant selection and rates of conversion
  • Feedback from viewings
  • ASTs or license?
  • Managing the property
  • 10 essentials to property management
  • Tenant guide & important numbers
  • Maintenance - Traffic light system
  • Service provision and lifestyle proposition
  • Watching the pennies
  • Man or machine?
  • Am I actually making money?
  • High performance properties!
  • Raising finance and JV opportunities
  • Getting started
  • First steps
  • Avoiding common mistakes
  • Deals Sourcing

Joint venture opportunity with Mark & Justin

Join us and leverage our success

  • Comprehensive course book
  • Lifetime support
  • Free access to all the documentation that you will ever need!
  • Everything you will need covered in 2 days of intensive training
  • No other courses needed.

The MOST COMPREHENSIVE course in the UK!

It will be a full on weekend of mind blowing knowledge.

Book now for financial freedom - just add drive and ambition.

There is no other Rent to Rent ‘educator’ operating at this level we guarantee it! If you want to succeed in Rent to Rent then this course is just what you need.

If you want to emulate our business model and learn the secrets of our success then get in touch now, spaces are limited.

How much does it cost?

2 day single ticket: £997 + VAT

Couple ticket - £1497 + VAT (business/life partners only)

INCLUDES:  Lunch and teas/coffees


If you would like to see how the Let 2 Rent Masterclass can help you to achieve your property goals, then call Mark Lloyd on 01252 730045 or alternatively, email to:

Hear what our delegates say:

View video Testimonials here

"What a course!! Great content, great delivery, awesome amounts of knowledge and great hosts. Couldn't ask for much more. Thank you Mark, Jackie, and Justin."

- Ishvinder Ghatora - April 2015


"I have attended the Let 2 Rent course and I have enjoyed being mentored by Mark Lloyd and Jackie Reeves investment in my life!!! Highly recommended!!!"

- Giuseppe Leone - November 2014

" We had an awesome day, we couldn't have had asked for more and thoroughly enjoyed our time with you guys! My sister and my partner in crime Hean were blown away with all the content and knowledge you shared with us today! This experience will stay with us for years to come and we're all so very grateful!"

- Luke Lynch - November 2014

"Just a quick message to say a big thank you for your inspirational workshop yesterday! I learnt so much!It's all early days for me but I've really got the property bug! If ever you're in Cardiff please do contact me!"

- Tanya Brooks - November 2014

"I went on the Property Mastery Academy Let2Rent course in May 2014. I have to admit to being a little unsure of whether this course could really deliver what it had promised. It was cheaper than similar courses – but I also had every confidence in Mark Lloyd & Jackie Reeves having met them along my property journey. I was looking for a course that would allow me to leave the room and put into practice straight away what I had learned. In fact, that was one of the questions I had asked Mark before signing up. He assured me that I would indeed have all the information I required BUT that I would also get ongoing support through his network. Well, I have to say that he delivered just that. His course does exactly what it says on the tin! I left the course confident I could get started, and indeed, that’s exactly what I did. I already earn more per month from this strategy than I paid for his course. Definitely money well spent! AND, the ongoing support from the group is invaluable. I can’t recommend it highly enough."

- Candyda Adams, Lifestyle Property Solutions - November 2014

"I attended the L2R training yesterday and would like to thank Mark Lloyd and Justin Whittemore for a fantastic day, the energy from Ray and Viv was very inspirational. I really feel like I can achieve my goals with the knowledge I've taken away from yesterday! Thanks again guys, and enjoy the rest of the weekend."

- Gavin Lambert - September 2014

"Thank you for today and sharing all of your knowledge. It was really good"

- Katie Rusak - September 2014

"Very informative, I enjoyed the pacing of the course, very good examples"

- Shane Foo - September 2014

"It was great, super venue and info. Very down to earth - will be here for more courses. Thank you so much"

- Angela Soony - September 2014

"Thank you very much -looking forward to implementing"

- Emily Webster - September 2014

"Thank you for a great day - very excited about the future!"

- Rebecca Cross - September 2014

"It was a good day with great content"

- Ian Jones - September 2014

"Absolutely buzzing. You really can't put money on educating yourself to improve your life."

- Steve Titmus - May 2014

"Many thanks to Mark, Jackie and Justin for sharing their knowledge today. What a fantastic event it was! It was great to catch up with old faces and meeting new ones too. Now I believe I've added the gear I was missing to finally implement the R2R strategy confidently. London here I come!!!"

- Elbert Cuffy - May 2014

"Thanks to you all for a superb day. Excellent content and great fun. Learned seemed to go in better this time. Raring to go. Inspired by Sam. Thank her too."

- Kim Aminu - May 2014

"This course increased my net monthly cashflow by £500pm with my first deal, with minimal start up costs. If you are new to your property journey, or in the mood to try a new strategy, I highly recommend this course."

- Darren Regis-Williams

"Awesome indeed. Packed with content and inspiration. Thank you very much!"

- Tim Payne

"Recently I undertook the Let2Rent training with Mark Lloyd and Jackie Reeves Law, followed by a half day with Justin Whittemore and I can say that for those in any doubt this is an excellent course for those that are serious about pushing ahead. The time spent with Justin was worth its weight in gold-shows you what is possible if you put your head down and get on with it!! All in all, course and mentorship highly recommended."

- Justin Adams

"This course far exceeded my expectations. Very Impressed."

- Clive Marian

"Very enjoyable - the small group was really good - less daunting for networking. "

- Selena Elston

"Course was brilliant - learnt a lot about an area of the market I didn't know existed."

- Sue Marian

"Brilliant as usual."

- Teresa Leong

"A superb day - authentic from the heart presentations. Great value - thanks!"

- Richard Hodgson

"Fantastic! Thank you - very informative, refreshing not being put under pressure to commit to pay for another course."

- Shelley Marquand

": Just want to thank you for so much, for your patience and for being so honest and open."

- Vincent Pretorious