Welcome to Property Mastery Academy

Property Mastery Academy offers the experience and expertise of reputable and highly successful property entrepreneurs through mentorship programmes, informal workshops and networking events.

Our team of experts provide help and guidance to individuals who are looking to better their life and make a positive commitment to building a successful property business.

If you are considering a new career and are interested to tap into the experience and skills of others who have accumulated a successful portfolio of investment properties, then the Mastermind Day will prove an informative and inspiring starting point for you.

Once you have put your toe in the water and decided you want to learn more about the exciting opportunities and financial revenue that can be earned through property investment, then our 3 day Property Foundations course which delivers over 10 different strategies will be the next recommended course to take.

We also run regular networking events across the UK in London, Kent, Hampshire and Scotland and offer a year long mentorship programme on a group or one-to-one level.

Further training on specific strategies is offered periodically, so please take a look at our training pages for information on these additional courses.

If you would like to have a chat to find out more about Property Mastery Academy, please contact Mark on 01252 730040.