Property Investment is as much about people as property

Posted by Mark Lloyd, Property Mastery Academy on 14 May 2018 | Comments

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We’ve often talked about the need to build relationships in order to succeed in property investment. But for these relationships to grow and work for you, you need to have a long-term strategy.

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Here are some tactics to help you forge those beneficial links that will allow your property investment business to grow.

Network on and offline

First, it’s important to make the most of every interaction you have in your day to day life. You never know when a personal or professional contact could turn into a business partner.

As well as face to face meetings, you should also make the most of social networking. Take part in forums, Facebook discussions and webinars. Don’t just lurk in the shadows – make a comment, ask a question, start a conversation.

When you reveal a little about yourself, you’ll find the common ground that links you and your property investment business with your new contact.

Each connection could be vital

Always treat everyone in your network in a professional way as you don’t know when you may need to call upon their skills or knowledge. Or you might want them to introduce you to one of their contacts.

Investors come in all shapes and forms and could include business colleagues, professional acquaintances, contractors, and friends. Whether you’re holding a face to face conversation or taking part in an informal online discussion, always treat your network with respect.

Keep communication alive

Taking the time to interact regularly with your network can result in profitable business deals. People frequently change jobs, move to different companies or have complete career transformations. By keeping in regular touch, you’ll stay up to date with their activities and interests.

You never know when you’ll want something they have to offer. Or they may come to you, to see what you can offer them. That’s why it’s important to keep your existing contacts warm rather than trying to build them again from cold. Communication channels should always be open.

Share what you’ve learnt

Sharing your knowledge and experience and putting people in touch with each other will give your network confidence in you.

If you share your property investment expertise, your approach will be reciprocated. Contacts will be more willing to impart their knowledge if they’ve been on the receiving end of yours.

It’s worth getting involved with various property groups on social channels. You can gain knowledge through webinars and online discussions. Experts in their fields are generally happy to share their wisdom, so don’t be afraid to interact during webinars and ask online questions to help you accrue knowledge of property investment.

Lay the right foundations for your network and let it grow and mature over the years and you’ll have a successful property investment business.

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