Property Mastery Academy was established in 2011 by two very successful property investors, Mark Lloyd and Jackie Reeves. Mark and Jackie have been business partners for over twenty years, and their combined knowledge of the property market and hands-on experience of knowing which strategies work and which don’t, means you can be assured that whatever direction you want to go, your choice to invest in a property education with Property Mastery Academy, will be a good one.

The Coaching and Mentoring programme was the first property training course to be launched, designed to support and encourage other property investors to seize opportunities and succeed with their property businesses.

In July 2012, Property Mastery Academy launched the Mastermind Days, providing a unique environment for investors to spend a motivating day with like-minded people and to move their businesses forward.The Mastermind Days have proven to be extremely popular. There are many strategies out there and not many places that can give answers to specific questions - these Mastermind Days fill that gap.

In January 2013 Mark and Jackie added structured trainings to their successful course portfolio enabling them to provide practical help in an easy-to-understand format on current popular strategies (Let to Rent, HMOs and Property Sourcing) so enabling property investors to move forward with a new strategy, if they choose to, full of confidence and with a determination to succeed.